Monday, August 3, 2009

Internships and College: Teen Vogue Handbook

Some of us have known fashion was their livelihood since the could play dress up in their mothers' closets. Others, such as myself slowly discovered the industry and become enthralled by it daily. Those of us with the slow start may soon have some much needed help on how to break into this competative industry. Teen Vogue is set to release its "Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion" in October. The book will include career advice, tips, and interviews with big industry names such as Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfield, and Patrick Demarchelier.

You can watch what Amy Astley (Teen Vogue's Editor-in-Chief) has to say about the handbook here:

"Do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. You just need to have a love for what you're doing. It's not about thinking that it's the cool thing; it's about really believing in it."
-Anna Wintour

What do you think about the Teen Vogue Handbook? Are you going to purchase it?


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