Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished....

On Tuesday, I discussed a scavenger hunt Rachel Nasvik has going on based in the city. I was so close to getting one, yet the chance seemed to slip away. I decided that finding one of these bags would be one of my goals this summer. Yesterday, while working on a blog post (it's coming soon) I recieved a tweet that read "Five Alices are on Canal at Broadway. Look for the old man with a cast on his arm." I literally bolted out my door. I'm sure everyone doing their Saturday shopping in SoHo thought I was insane as I ran to Canal Street. I wandered around looking for this old man and even proceeded to ask another vendor if he knew another old vendor who had broken his arm. I was seriously committed to finding a bag! Finally, out of the corner of my eye I see an old man standing near his cart of bags. I quickly grabbed one at the same time as two other women snatched the last two. I've been so excited, I've carried it around everywhere (just like a little kid) the past two days!


la petite fashionista

SO EXCITED that I know someone who found one. I did a post on the scavenger hunt the day it started and am super envious i'm not in NYC.

your bag is so cute!good score:)

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