Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Internships and College: Dorm Decorating 101

                                            [Image Courtesy of The Container Store]

The best part of about moving into your own place, whether it be your dorm or a new apartment, is being able to express yourself in a whole new way. Living at home sometimes makes it hard to fully decorate according to your tastes and style. I know my room is cluttered with things from my childhood. So, a chance to start fresh and explore decorating ideas can definitely be exciting! 

Choose a Color Scheme or Theme
By choosing a color scheme, I don't mean to make everything in your room blue. Many times, especially dorms have white walls that you aren't allowed to paint. Use this as an opportunity to play with different bright colors in your bedspread, posters, and even your desk. The room in the image above isn't too matchy, but there certainly is an underlying fresh yellow young theme.

Be Conscious of Space
Conserve! Put up shelves and use boxes. You don't have to buy boring clear plastic storage boxes in every single size for everything. I do recommend purchasing big sturdy boxes for under your bed, but for around your room use canvas boxes or baskets in different patterns, prints, and colors.

Decorate Walls
Make use of all the blank space. Put up mirrors, posters, or pictures. Want to be a little different? Invest in a mural or some wall art/stickers. I've even seen people hang up huge tapestries on their walls or from their ceilings. This is your time to be creative, so try something new.

Invest in Extra Lighting
This past year, my bedroom had one lamp (mind you, my school has great dorms, so be prepared). There are great ways to light up a room. Check out garage sales for some great vintage lamps and light stands. A lot of students I know like to use Christmas lights all around the edges of their room as a fun way to brighten up their space.

Everything. I'm not the most organized person (on the weekends it can get a little out of hand), but for the most part I like keeping things pretty structured. If you need to make room in your closet, purchase a shoe rack or closet organizer to place inside.

Check back throughout the summer for some more ideas, links, and sales!

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