Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internships and College: Resume Writing Tips

So you’ve found a job or internship that you really want to apply for, but need to write or update your resume. Don’t know where to begin? Start by searching for a template for Microsoft Word or sample resumes online. This way you can get a general idea what they should look like and start compiling the information you’ll need.

[Image Courtesy of Relia Staff]
My Tips:

Make sure your resume looks and sounds professional. Stay simple in appearance. When it comes to resumes, less is more. As clever and different as Elle Wood’s resume seems, a pink fragranced resume may not be the best choice.

Try using detailed words and titles, and be clear in what you’re trying to say. This is your 15 seconds to shine. Make sure your resume effectively represents you and what you’d want your employer to know. Explain all of your skills and knowledge in a sophisticated, yet straightforward manner.

Use headings, bullets, bold/italics, and structure to your advantage. Break down your resume for readability. This also allows you to present your information in a way in which your important skills stand out.

Don’t lie or exaggerate. Don’t write “Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite” if you have no idea how to work with Microsoft Access. During an interview, I was asked how comfortable I was with Excel, and I replied that I was very comfortable and proficient in it. My interviewer proceeded to ask me if I could show him how to filter a database on Excel. Everything worked out well, but be mindful of what you’re writing.

Lastly, if you’re enrolled at a college or university, use their resources!! Take advantage of books at the library or the career center. Many schools offer one-on-one help and may even proofread your resume.

How’s your job search going this summer?


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