Saturday, May 9, 2009

Internships and College: School's Out!

Most of us college students are well on our way out of our college classrooms. Finals are over, but all of those papers and studying might have put our internship search aside. Don’t give up! It’s not too late to find your ideal internship. There are still opportunities available, so don’t resort to your same old summer job just yet.

Lately these next 5 sites have been lingering in my web history:

Fashion Specific:

It’s all in the name. is the perfect place to find the fashion internship you’ve been dreaming about. Today, I applied for an internship I would’ve never found if it wasn’t listed on their site. With most fashion job resources charging poor college students like you and me, this website is easy, free, and one of my favorite internship search resources.

This blog is devoted to providing internship seekers fashion related jobs for students of all majors. Here you can find a design, editorial, or marketing internship. There is such a variety that you're sure to find an appealing internship, because they have it all.


You may not think of Craigslist to be the ideal job search tool, but the truth is, it has some valuable opportunities so, don’t just pass it by. The key is to be smart on your search. Look for company names, and do some of your own research. There are tons of companies, big and small, looking for the right intern and it just might be you! The thing I love about Craigslist is that it has tons of features so you can really narrow down what kind of internship you’re looking for. So do your work, but be smart and safe!

Plug in your keyword and zip code and instantly a list of internships in your immediate area pop up. I love how user-friendly Hotjobs is. It’s so easy to navigate, and it tells you when the internship was posted, how convenient. It seems that a lot of big retail/fashion companies list internships there (Think…Tommy Hilfiger, Lucky Brand Jeans, Macy’s), which is definitely nice.

Similarly to Hotjobs, you can upload and save resumes and cover letters making your internship hunt that much simpler. My favorite thing about Monster and what distinguishes it from other job search engines is how it typically redirects you to the company website, and if you choose to apply, a little box creeps up from the bottom. This way you can explore the company, see if it suits you, and quickly apply.


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