Thursday, May 28, 2009

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If you haven't heard any buzz about this site, you definitely will. It's one of those things that you'll consider amazingly horrible. Amazing because it offers discounts of 50-80% on designer clothing and horrible because it's so there goes your paycheck.

How it works:

It's basically a race against time. They only have a certain number of items per product available in certain sizes and colors. So, you have to click fast enough to ensure you can purchase it. There's always a new item every hour. A neat feature is what they call "chick chat" where you can live chat with other customers who are on the site. Redtagcrazy also gives you the option to sign up for alerts. These alerts can go to your e-mail, phone, AIM, internet browser, just about anywhere. This way, you know when there's a new sale going on. E-mail alerts are special in that they give you a sneak peek of the upcoming sale. Think of it as a tease! They also have an iPhone/iPod Touch app in the works that I'm really excited about.

There current sale is a linQ Wrap Back Long Sleeve Tunic. It comes in black or red and is marked down to $22.22 from $78.

linQ Wrap Back Long Sleeve Tunic

So, get some great deals and check it out for yourselves here at

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I am ALWAYS on RTC :) far and away my favorite website of all time. I've been able to redo an entire wardrobe while saving an average of ~70% off retail!

Cali Kim

I <3 RTC and have yet to find a day when I actually close it in the browser on my computer. My new-found love for discount designer clothes is amazing and I am so content with their Admins and how fast they get things done!


RTC has such great deals. I'm always excited to see what they have next and their prices really are unbeatable!

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