Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trendy Television: Gossip Girl

Last night’s Gossip Girl set up a possible spin-off focusing on Serena’s mother, Lily. Besides the catfights, love triangles, and overwhelming drama, viewers like you and I tune in to see the amazing fashion. This flashback episode provided even more than the usual dose of great clothes and accessories. Brittany Snow looked great as the young and preppy Lily Rhodes.

As a college student (one eventually working as an unpaid intern) I know I certainly can’t afford Lily’s Gucci bag. Below you’ll see my similar, but inexpensive, matches to Lily’s outfit.

Skinny 77 Jeans Available at American Eagle for $49.50.

AE Favorite Striped Shirt Available at American Eagle for $29.95.

AE Skinny Bead Inlay Belt Available at American Eagle for $19.50.

XOXO Seamed Jacket Available at Macy’s for $39.98.

Tehama Argyle Vest Available at Golfsmith for $52.97.

Relic Logo Shopper Available at Kohl’s for $28.00.

Sekt Boots Available at Steve Madden for $79.99.

What did you guys think of this Gossip Girl episode? Will you be watching the spin-off? Comment below!


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