Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trendy Television: Gossip Girl

Yesterday's Gossip Girl season finale provided more drama and surprises than usual. The biggest surprise to me was the graduation attire. Typical Upper East Side high schools tend to opt out of graduation caps and gowns. Usually boys will wear tuxes and girls will graduate in white dresses. I think in the book this was kept true, but I'm not sure. I was a fan, however, of Serena's blue graduation gown. The color is amazing. I would've gone with a shorter dress, but then again I'm not Serena Van Der Woodsen and could never have pulled off a tassle in my hair.

Serena's actual dress is by Jay Godfrey and is available to anyone willing to spend $360 on this beauty.

Available for Pre-Order at Pink Mascara for $360.

If you want some other (lower cost) options for a gorgeous sapphire dress look below!

If a long dress is your calling, one of the three above options should suffice. My favorite has to be the JS Boutique Square Neck Stretch Satin Dress. The way it fits to the body creates a gorgeous silhouette.

Empire Dress Available at Spiegel for $49.00

Niki by Niki Livas Satin Gown Available at Dillards for $90.00

JS Boutique Square Neck Stretch Satin Dress Available at Nordstrom for $86.90

These fun dresses provide the same phenomenal bright blue color but at a shorter length. They're perfect for summer. The electric blue Mango dress has a great design, and Forever 21's price once again make the other two options extremely affordable.

Gleam Pleat Party Dress Available at Forever 21 for $24.80.

Electric Blue Dress Available at Mango for $79.90.

Banded Strap Knit Dress Available at Forever 21 for $17.80.

What did you think about the Gossip Girl Season Finale?


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