Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reviews and News: Eyes Lips Face Mineral Foundation

Buzz surrounding has only continued to increase in recent months. I discovered the website last year, after hearing a radio advertisement. Can make-up at $1.00 really be just as good? When I first gave Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) a try, it only offered its basic $1.00 products. E.L.F.’s products ceaselessly amazed me. Its eyeshadow instantly brightened my eyes, and at $1.00, I couldn’t ask for more. And now, its mineral products have shown the same quality. The website has since expanded to include lotions, mineral products, and even a studio line.

I’m not extremely picky when it comes to make-up. Don’t get me wrong. It needs to do its job and do it well, but I’m not loyal to any brand or store. I like to mix and match. My make-up bag tends to include a range of products including MAC lip gloss, Cover Girl concealer, Sephora eyeliner, and new to my collection, E.L.F. Mineral Foundation.

The mineral foundation costs $5.00 and comes with a fair amount. I just finished the foundation I purchased in December, and I use it daily. E.L.F.’s foundation offers a variety of shades ranging from fair to deep to match a great amount of different skin tones. It’s been featured in Seventeen Magazine and Lifetime’s “How to Look Good Naked.” The biggest cons in customer reviews include “Doesn’t Stay On” and “Poor Coverage.” The most common complaint (with most mineral foundations) is that it doesn’t stay on all day. My tip: a primer. In my experience, by covering your face with a primer first, the mineral make-up sticks to the primer resulting in longer lasting coverage, but I think the real key to mineral make-up is in the application. Always apply mineral make-up with circular motions. I find that E.L.F.’s mineral foundation works just as well as other brands for me, but like with any make-up, it all depends on skin type and personal choices, but at E.L.F.’s unbeatable prices, I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Buy E.L.F.'s Mineral Foundation here.

Are any of you fans of mineral make-up or E.L.F. products? Comment and let me know!


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